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Our vineyard management services include:

Winter Vineyard Practices

  • Soil sample analysis
  • Amend soil
  • Distribute cover crop seed
  • Trellis and drip system repair
  • Prune vines
  • Remove cuttings
  • Herbicide application
vineyard view for spring practices

Spring Vineyard Practices

  • Shoot thin and tuck
  • Vineyard floor management
  • Petiole samples for vine health analysis
  • Continued canopy management
  • Fungicide application
  • Micronutrient applications

Summer Vineyard Practices

  • Tuck vine shoots into catch wires
  • Leaf thinning
  • Pest management
  • Place bird nets on vines
  • Continued vineyard canopy management
  • Manage watering cycles
  • Continued fungicide and micronutrient applications
vineyard management for the summer - before harvest

Fall Vineyard Practices

  • Monitor fruit development
  • Sample fruit for brix and pH levels
  • Remove nets
  • Harvest
  • Deliver crop to the winery