Vineyard Installation Process

Soil Samples

  • Dig soil sample pits and collect separate samples for lab analysis
  • Determine custom rootstock and soil amendment types from soil analysis results

Vineyard Design and Layout

  • Create vineyard design and specifications that maximize row length while taking the following parameters into consideration:
    • Visual aesthetics of the vineyard
    • Aspect
    • Slope
    • Sun exposure
    • Maximizing crop yield and quality
    • Existing drainage
    • Maintaining vineyard management efficiency
    • Maintaining harvesting efficiency
  • Transcribe vineyard specs onto proposed site to ensure accuracy and installation efficiency

Trellis System

  • Install high quality steel highway posts and redwood end posts to ensure vineyard stability and longevity
  • Use concrete to stabilize each end post
  • Use a thick gauge high-tension galvanized wire to add to the strength of the trellis

Trellis Installation

  • Install end posts at the same angle
  • Each highway post is pounded to the proper depth to ensure visual aesthetics
  • Pull 6-8 wires per row to set up the trellis system.  The first two wires on the bottom are for the irrigation hose and the guide wire for the cordon (horizontal trunk of the vine).  The other wires are used to train the new growth of the vine each year and hold it in place


  • Tie into the existing water line and establish an underground source line that spans the length of the vineyard and has a riser for each row
  • Install all appropriate solanoids, air vents and pressure regulators
  • Install two 1/2 gallon pressure compensating emitters per vine to ensure equal water distribution uniformity across the vineyard
  • Pressure test irrigation system to guarantee it works at a high efficiency rate and that there are no leaks

We work with the owner to determine the grape variety to be planted.  Once we determine the rootstock and clone that will work best for your vineyard, we contact different nurseries across the state to locate the vines that will ensure the most successful vineyard.  These vines have already had the clone grafted onto the rootstock and have been in the ground for a year before they arrive.  Prior to shipping, the vines are dug out of the ground and kept in cold storage.  We order approximately 4% more vines than are needed for the vineyard to ensure a good take.

Vine Planting

  • Plot and hand dig/auger each hole
  • Carefully hand pack around the roots making sure there are no air pockets under the rootstocks and to prevent J-rooting
  • Water-in each vine